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November 3rd 2022 • Talks & Events

dida at the virtual AI-Days of ibi research Institute

October 27th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida presented at the Deep Learning World

October 15th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida participated at Google Cloud leaders circle at Next

October 5th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida at the Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society

September 28th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida to give talk at the Deep Learning World 2022

September 26th 2022 • Talks & Events

Recording from ICML presentation

August 2nd 2022 • Talks & Events

dida on stage at Data Natives conference

July 27th 2022 • Collaborations

dida's ASMSpotter is now supporting ecological research at the University of Kent

July 5th 2022 • Collaborations

dida contributes paper at ICML 2022

June 28th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida took part in ESA Living Planet Symposium

April 21st 2022 • Talks & Events

dida to give talk at ESA Living Planet Symposium

March 21st 2022 • Talks & Events

dida gives talk at the Geokomm Technologiesalon

March 10th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida to give talk at AMLD in Lausanne

March 3rd 2022 • Collaborations

Forbes released article featuring our ASMSpotter project

February 21st 2022 • Other

Paper on solving parabolic and elliptic PDEs with deep learning

January 24th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida will lead a meetup session on "Climate Adaptation & Data" on 10th of February

January 19th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida took part in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s All-Hands-Meeting

January 17th 2022 • Talks & Events

dida's ASMSpotter project gets awarded by UNESCO

January 12th 2022 • Collaborations

dida on stage with our partner idealo at the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) conference

November 18th 2021 • Webinars

Upcoming Webinar on November 25th 2021: "ML for Remote Sensing: Analyse satellite data automatically"

November 8th 2021 • Projects

AIgent3D research project kicks off

November 4th 2021 • Talks & Events

dida took part in agricultural Innovation Day

October 6th 2021 • Projects

Research project KAMI has started

October 1st 2021 • Projects

Upcoming Webinar on October 14th 2021: “Real added value from ML projects - our success factors”

September 9th 2021 • Talks & Events

In the spotlight: presentation of ASMSpotter at AMLD Africa

August 17th 2021 • Talks & Events

dida in the 2021 edition of the EuroPython conference

July 18th 2021 • Other

Our ICML paper got awarded as outstanding paper

July 5th 2021 • Talks & Events

dida on stage at Machine Learning Week Europe 2021

June 29th 2021 • Webinars

Webinar on neural language models in the enterprise on 29.06.2021

June 24th 2021 • Collaborations

dida at GEOkomm technology brunch

May 31st 2021 • Other

dida contributes paper and long presentation to ICML

May 24th 2021 • Talks & Events

dida presents "PreTrainAppEO" at the 3rd Symposium on Applied Satellite Earth Observation

May 24th 2021 • Collaborations

"PreTrainAppEO" - a joint BMWI research project of dida and TU München LMF

April 13th 2021 • Talks & Events

dida presenting "CropClass" project at agraSpace network event

March 22nd 2021 • Talks & Events

dida on stage in Copernicus Forum 2021 hosted by DLR

March 19th 2021 • Collaborations

dida included in appliedAI's yearly AI startup landscape 2021

January 27th 2021 • Collaborations

dida and RWTH Aachen MRE launch joint BMBF research project "AuBeSa"

December 4th 2020 • Talks & Events

Start of the leading AI conference NeurIPS - dida contributes one accepted paper

November 27th 2020 • Collaborations

dida included in European AI Startup Landscape

November 18th 2020 • Webinars

NLP Webinar on November 24th: Recurrent Neural Networks

October 7th 2020 • Webinars

Webinar on 27th October: Automated answering of questions with neural networks: BERT

October 2nd 2020 • Projects

"AI for good" - dida wins international "Microsoft AI for Earth" award for regulation of informal gold mining

September 16th 2020 • Webinars

Webinar: BERT for Semantic Search on 24th September 2020

August 11th 2020 • Projects

dida starts project on crop classification together with GFZ Potsdam

June 2nd 2020 • Collaborations

Nvidia Inception Summit: New Titan RTX for dida

May 19th 2020 • Webinars

NLP Webinar 2/3: Labeling Tools

May 13th 2020 • Talks & Events

dida at Virtual Deep Learning World on May 12th

April 16th 2020 • Projects

Project finalisation of ESA project "ASMSpotter"

April 9th 2020 • Webinars

NLP Webinar 1/3: Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

April 3rd 2020 • Projects

Official start of BMBF Project LaserSKI

March 23rd 2020 • Collaborations

COVID-19: Michael Borinsky contributed to a joint venture by RKI & HU Berlin

March 9th 2020 • Talks & Events

dida at Digital State 2020

March 6th 2020 • Projects

Exciting GovTech challenge in Denmark

March 5th 2020 • Collaborations

dida among the AI startups in the appliedAI Startup Landscape

March 3rd 2020 • Talks & Events

AI in Earth Observation at DLR Bonn

March 2nd 2020 • Talks & Events

dida is chosen to pitch at Nvidia Inception Summit

February 28th 2020 • Talks & Events

agraSpace ZIM Event

February 7th 2020 • Projects

dida is chosen for ESA kickstart project "4D Urban Insights"

January 29th 2020 • Talks & Events

Applied Machine Learning Days 2020 in Lausanne

January 28th 2020 • Talks & Events

dida at Deutsche Bahn Selection Day

December 9th 2019 • Projects

dida presents ESA Kickstarter projects at DLR Bonn

November 27th 2019 • Collaborations

A primer on Natural Language Processing

November 26th 2019 • Projects

dida presents ASMSpotter at ESA Mining workshop

November 12th 2019 • Projects

dida presents DWD project at DLR

September 23rd 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at ZIM yearly meeting "AI for the German Mittelstand"

September 16th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida visits Intergeo

September 6th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at BMS conference "Mathematics of Deep Learning"

September 4th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at agrASpace innovation network meeting

September 2nd 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at Google Machine Learning Bootcamp

August 5th 2019 • Collaborations

dida is a GCP Surge Partner

July 16th 2019 • Collaborations

Interview with #AI_Berlin

July 7th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at University of Mainz - School of Medicine

June 11th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at BDLI Network Meeting

June 7th 2019 • Collaborations

dida joins Space2Agriculture innovation network

May 14th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at Deep Learning World in Munich on May 6th

May 10th 2019 • Talks & Events

Meet us at IT-Vergabetag in Berlin on May 15th

May 7th 2019 • Collaborations

dida joins CopServ Network

May 3rd 2019 • Talks & Events

Meet us at 'Copernicus meets Galileo' in Bochum on May 8th

April 30th 2019 • Talks & Events

dida at Digital Future Science Match in Berlin on May 14th

December 5th 2018 • Talks & Events

dida ML meetup at Mindspace Berlin on Nov 1st

November 16th 2018 • Talks & Events

Our talk at Deep Learning World in Berlin on November 12th

November 15th 2018 • Talks & Events

Meet us at Copernicus Forum in Berlin

July 10th 2018 • Talks & Events

Team event at Pydata Berlin on July 6th/7th

June 15th 2018 • Talks & Events

Our talk at PAW Industry 4.0 in Munich on June 13th

January 10th 2018 • Talks & Events

dida lightning talk at Pydata Berlin Meetup on January 17th