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Newsletter February 2023

Topics: dida Conference | NeurIPS | Google Cloud Partner | Intelligent Access Control Project

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Newsletter September 2022

Topics: ICML 2022 | dida new member of KI-Park | Projects LaserSKI & KIOptiPack

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Newsletter April 2022

Topics: Remote Sensing Solution ASM-Spotter Receives UNESCO Award | New Case Study on NLP Language Models and Pets | What can OpenAI Codex do? | Ethics in ML projects

Giant stock piles

Newsletter November 2021

Topics: Extracting information from product description using a neural language model (BERT) | Our view on GPT-3 | AI in Customer Service

Service charge settlement recognized by machine learning algorithm

Newsletter July 2021

Topics: Project examples, QA-demo, webinar recordings, blog articles on the NLP trend "Neural Language Models"

asmspotter software screenshot

Newsletter January 2021

Topics: Our 2020: Microsoft AI Award | New Machine Learning Year 2021

Newsletter April 2020

Topics: dida Updates Q2 2020 News | Blog