Webinar on neural language models in the enterprise on 29.06.2021

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Live webinar: "NLP trend: profitably integrating neural language models into business practice".

Neural language models, such as Google's BERT, are large neural networks that have been trained using large collections of text and have thus learned semantic and structural relationships between terms in a language.

Neural language models are currently the dominant development in the NLP field with many practical applications, from neural search and question answering to information extraction.

There are a number of freely available pre-trained models. In order to use them effectivelyy in one's own business practice, some things have to be taken into account. Which ones exactly and how to do that, we will show in our webinar after an overview of how neural language models work and examples of their possible applications.

  • How do neural language models work?
  • Application examples from the areas of search and question answering
  • How can a neural language model be optimized for my business/application area?
  • How does the integration with my data and applications work?