dida is chosen for ESA kickstart project "4D Urban Insights"


dida is proud to be chosen for the ESA kickstart activity "4D Urban Insights" in the call for applications that create a social impact. With 4D Urban Insights, dida wants to create an automatic tool to detect urban sprawl and built-up to give urban planners and insurance companies a tool to track city growth in rapidly growing cities. In 2050, 68% of world population will live in cities, up from 30% seventy years ago. 90% of urban population growth will come from Asia and Africa. In Africa, the urban growth is fueled by population growth and migration to urban areas. Due to this, the ten fastest growing cities in next fifteen years will be in Africa. That's why the feasibility study focuses on five African cities located in the Golf of Guinea: Lagos, Abidjan, Luanda, Accra and Douala. We are looking forward to another interesting project together with ESA.