dida conference 2024


The dida conference, held on May 31, 2024, successfully brought together around 250 AI enthusiasts and professionals keen on expanding their knowledge around machine learning, MLOps and govTech.

With contributions from dida but also from Bundesdruckerei, Eversheds Sutherland, appliedAI, or Germany's leading research institutes, guests could enjoy a great mix of theoretical and applied AI topics.

Scientists, engineers and decision-makers had the opportunity to attend keynote speeches, take part in interactive workshops or discuss latest AI research in the poster session.

To mention only a few highlights:

Holger Pannhorst, Head of Data & Analytics at Bundesdruckerei, gave a presentation on ‘New Opportunities: applications of machine learning technologies in the public sector’. He showed how ML applications have already found their way into public processes and how they improve efficiency and transparency.

Christian Dürschmied, attorney at Eversheds Sutherland, provided insights to the legal implications of generative AI and large language models, which legal frameworks are already in place, and where EU legislation will likely develop more guidelines in the future.

Julius Richter from University of Hamburg spoke about how generative models can enhance audio and speech data. Through his research he proposed a method to learn conditional distributions of clean speech given noisy inputs and explained how a combined approach of predictive and generative AI could significantly improve audio and speech processing technologies.

As the dida conference was not just about learning, it was also great to see so many lively exchanges, new connections being made and ending a long day with a little bit of live music and a cocktail.

We are really happy about all the positive feedback we already received and would like to thank all participants in making our second dida conference once again a true success.

Recordings of the talks and further impressions of the day will follow shortly.