Exciting GovTech challenge in Denmark


It was an exciting day at Copenhagen where Lorenz Richter, CTO at dida, and Wolf Winkler, Senior Consultant at dida, presented the results of a 5-weeks GovTech challenge to the Danish Safety Technology Authority (DSTA). The proposed solution automates significant parts of the workflow of product inspectors based on the AI technologies computer vision (CV), image recognition and natural language processing (NLP). The goal is to free inspectors from administrative work and thus allow them to increase the number of product inspections. The challenge owner's feedback to our proposals was overwhelmingly positive. We thank DSTA and our partners from PUBLIC for the organisation of the challenge and for the warm and welcoming atmosphere. We very much look forward to following up on this. Especially as it will very likely involve visiting beautiful places in Denmark and cooperating with the leading digital public sector and government in Europe.