dida included in appliedAI's yearly AI startup landscape 2021


dida is again listed in the "AI Startup Landscape 2021" of the appliedAI initiative as one of 278 promising startups with an AI focus in the category "Professional, scientific and technical activities". For this, a "longlist" of AI startups was compiled from public sources such as Crunchbase and LinkedIn. The selection of the startups was done in personal interviews by the appliedAI team to verify their focus on artificial intelligence. In addition, the startups were evaluated by a jury consisting of well-known AI companies and investors such as Google, NVIDIA, HV Ventures and Lakestar. The clustering of startups was based on Shivon Zilis' "landscape of machine intelligence".

We are pleased to be represented again this year in the AI Startup Landscape by our very esteemed colleagues from appliedAI.