April 9th, 2020

NLP Webinar 1/3: Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

-- Thank you for participating in the first webinars! You can download the slides from the first webinar here and the slides from the second one you can find here. --

In a series of 3 webinars dida's Ewelina Fiebig explains in detail the most important steps leading to the successful implementation of an NLP project.

Webinar 1: Text recognition (OCR) | April 23rd from 11-12 o'clock (CEST)
In this talk we will deal with the topic of text recognition and introduce you to:

  • What does OCR mean?
  • Example of use
  • Why is OCR needed?
  • What OCR tools are available?
  • How are these tools used?
  • Which tool fits to which problem?

Here you can find the recording in German language.
Webinar 2: NLP Labeling Tools | May 28th from 11-12 o'clock (CEST)

We will address the following aspects:

  • What does labeling mean and what can be labeled?
  • Why is labeling necessary at all?
  • Challenges in choosing a suitable tool.
  • Our tips on what is important to consider before and during the selection of a tool.
  • Short presentation of selected tools.
  • Other tools worth mentioning.

Here you can find the recording in German language.
Webinar 3: NLP Case Study - Entity Recognition in Documents | June 18th from 11-12 o'clock (CEST)