dida included in European AI Startup Landscape


At the Sweden Innovation Days on November 17th, the European Landscape of AI startups was presented, including more than 500 startups from Sweden, France and Germany. The initiative was supported by the German Entrepreneurship and the German Accelerator program as well as Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency - appliedAI (Germany), Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Sweden) as well as Hub France IA (France). The purpose of the European Landscape of AI startups is to give companies interested in implementing AI solutions guidance which AI companies might be contractors experienced in their application domain.

All startups were tested and interviewed in order to investigate their focus on AI technologies and to categorize them into one out of 25 categories. As being part of the landscape, dida is also awarded the "Trusted AI Startup" badge.

We are honoured to be part of the landscape and be in the club with other fellow AI startups and hope that more European AI initiatives join the effort to create a pan-European map of AI Startups and to improve transparency in the AI market. You can find dida in the European AI Landscape here: https://www.ai-startups-europe.eu/