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dida at BDLI Network Meeting

dida at BDLI Network Meeting

June 11th, 2019



dida is going to the first BDLI Network Meeting in Berlin at FABRIK 23 at the 14th of June. The topic of the network meeting is "We are one- together towards the future- How can New Space and Classic Space work together?". As dida works a lot with space data and that more and more applications are run with the help of Machine Learning Algorithms, we are looking forward to interesting discussions and presentations. If you want to meet Robert from the dida team, feel free to reach out!


Logo in thumbnail: https://www.bdli.de/

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November 26th, 2019

Robert Heesen, Director Product at dida, will present the ESA kickstart activity "ASMSpotter" at November 28th at the European Space Agency's (ESA) premises in Harwell, UK. The workshop...

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