Virtual presentation on "AI - hype vs. real value" at OGS World Café


On September 28, David Berscheid (virtually) spoke at the OGS World Café in Koblenz on the topic of "AI - Hype vs. Real Value" and provided insights into text and image-based AI projects that are creating real value in production settings.

In addition, he offered dida's perspective on current developments and explained what we believe is and will be relevant for companies faced with plans to develop and implement AI solutions.

Hosted by OGS GmbH, a Koblenz-based IT company specializing in ERP software, the OGS World Café put together a program consisting of informative presentations and discussions around the topic of AI in the ERP context, among others.

We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this year's World Café and are looking forward to the next one.