Machine Learning Consulting

Identify AI potentials and teach your team how to advance process automation via machine learning.

At dida we have solved multiple machine learning problems in a myriad of application domains. We have seen many use cases and have a wealth of experience in identifying hidden AI potentials. Together with your team we help you making machine learning ideas become concrete.

Identify your AI potentials

In the last years, we have created AI value for companies from a myriad of industries. We want to share our experiences in order to help enterprises identify their yet hidden potentials. Together with your (ideally technical) key employees we make your company fit for the next steps in AI towards automating crucial production operations and improving business performance.

A roadmap to smart digitalization

After taking a close look at your internal processes, we identify where machine learning attempts can bring significant economic value, especially in relation to more classical approaches. Together with relevant people from your management and particularly IT departments, we develop AI strategies which are necessary for a sustainable digitalization of your future internal processes. 

Workshops and concrete next steps

Whenever wished, we develop concrete next steps that can be tackled either by yourself or by us in a follow-up machine learning project. Along with those concrete analyses, we also offer more general workshops and coachings both for technical and non-technical employees as well as dedicated support for existing data science teams.