Digital Farming Conference 2024


We are happy to share insights from the Digital Farming Conference 2024, hosted by Bitkom. Represented by Julius Lauenstein, dida actively contributed to discussions at this pivotal event focused on the digital transformation of agriculture and food industries. Key topics included advancements in precision agriculture, smart farming, and leveraging AI and IoT for managing livestock, enhancing animal welfare, and promoting sustainable practices.

The conference highlighted advancements in precision agriculture, focusing on AI-driven applications for resource optimization and sensor-based technologies. At dida, we regularly work on several projects in the field of remote sensing, such as crop classification, which underscores our commitment to enhancing agricultural efficiency and sustainability.

Additionally, the event emphasized topics aligned with our project KAMI, which is dedicated to enhancing animal health and well-being, specifically focusing on the "Transformation der Tierhaltung" (Transformation of Animal Husbandry). This highlighted dida’s efforts in promoting more animal-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

As active members of the innovation community that organized the panel, alongside partners like DLR Group and Space2Agriculture, we are dedicated to innovative solutions that shape the future of agriculture.