Google publishes success story about our machine learning project with Enpal


We are glad to announce that our success story with Enpal, Germany’s first green unicorn and leading solar panel company, has been featured by Google.

Enpal, known for their innovative solar panel solutions, faced considerable challenges due to the extensive manual work required in their sales operations. Handling the task of creating customized offers in a manual way typically took 120 minutes per person and per sales offer, leading to inefficiencies and resource constraints.

In response to these challenges, we developed a machine learning service tailored specifically to Enpal’s needs. Our solution has innovated their workflow, automating a significant portion of the manual tasks. As a result, what once took 120 minutes now only takes 15 minutes per person — an 87.5% reduction in time.

Our ML product not only saves time but also increased solar panel estimations to an approximate accuracy rate of 93%. When we initially launched the software in 2019, 13 employees at Enpal were using it. Today, four years later, this number has evolved to 150 employees. Each of these employees is now able to save 87.5% of their time, allowing them to focus on more specialized and impactful tasks.

We extend our sincere thanks to Google for sharing our story. Their support helps us showcase the transformative power of our machine learning solutions.

You can read the full story on the Google Cloud Blog here.