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A selection of projects we have done

Face while getting recognized automatically

Smart Access Control with Facial Recognition

We developed a multi-level security system with facial recognition for automatic access control.

Many unsorted files
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Extracting information from customer requests

Given a free form vet appointment reason we extract symptoms, diseases and requested services.

Giant stock piles
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Numeric Attribute Extraction from Product Descriptions

Automatically extract numerical attributes from product descriptions in order to enrich the existing database.

Giant ad campaigns
Ströer logo

Predicting Potential Reach of Video Ad Campaigns

We simulate internet traffic and bidding scenarios to predict the reach of advertising campaigns.

Service charge settlement recognized by machine learning algorithm

Automatic Checking of Service Charge Statements

Our software protects tenants against excessive service charge bills.

Semiconductors in production
Ferdinand Braun Institut logo

Defect Detection in Manufacturing

AI-supported optical defect detection for semiconductor laser production.

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Crop Type Classification

We predict crop types from satellite data to support modern agriculture.

Urban growth of a city
ESA (European Space Agency) logo

Monitoring Urban Growth and Change

An image segmentation algorithm that supports sustainable city planning.

Stock piles containing files
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Semantic Search for Public Administration

Our algorithm helps citizens through the bureaucracy of registering a business.

Machine learning arranged these solar panels
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Automatic Planning of Solar Systems

Creative solutions enabled us to automate the process of planning solar systems.

Rainforest with waterfall
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Artisanal and Small Mine Detection

See how machine learning can be used to stop environmental destruction.

Clouds over a village
DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) logo

Convective Clouds Detection

We automated the detection of certain cloud structures for Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).

House thats part of rental contract reviewed by machine learning
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Legal Review of Rental Contracts

Different methods from the field of NLP helped us to create software that spots errors in rental contracts.