dida solution honored as finalist for FAZ AI Innovation Award


On October 10th the FAZ Institute and German AI Association honored German outstanding AI solutions.

The AI Innovation Award, recognizes pioneering achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It seeks companies utilizing AI technologies to positively impact their own or other companies, their industry, and society at large.

The solution to automatically analyze service charge statements developed for Mieterengel made it into the final round (top three) of the award.

It enables tenants to swiftly and efficiently verify the legality of their annual cost bills by simply uploading a photo. Since its usage in 2021, the solution has substantially reduced review times for lawyers by 60%, serving over 10,000 customers.

Tenants receive a free initial assessment of their utility bills, empowering them to make informed decisions by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal consultations. Thus, Mieterengel is democratizing access to legal resources, ensuring more tenants can confidently advocate for their rights.

We are pleased that the committee recognized the innovative and positive aspects of this solution.