dida contributes paper at ICML 2022


We are happy to announce that a recent paper which dida contributed to has been accepted at this year’s International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). The ICML is one of the most renowned conferences on machine learning innovations, on which multiple universities, but also companies like Google, Facebook and DeepMind frequently publish their latest findings. This year, 1235 out of 5630 submissions have been accepted, which yields an acceptance rate of 21.9%.

At dida, we are very happy that we can continue our ambition to conduct cutting edge research and contribute to the machine learning community. After a paper at NeurIPS 2020 and a paper at ICML 2021, which received one out of five outstanding paper awards, we can therefore continue our path to combine practical machine learning with innovative research. It is the company’s philosophy that both worlds strongly benefit from one another.

The current paper can be found here. It proposes and rigorously analyzes more robust and more efficient algorithms for solving linear Kolmogorov type partial differential equations (PDEs). Such PDEs are relevant in multiple applications for instance in finance, physics, reinforcement learning or diffusion based generative modeling. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.