dida at Deep Learning World in Munich on May 6th


In our afternoon session on may 6th we presented learnings from a recent legal-tech NLP project. In 2018 we were asked to develop a software, that is able judge the legal validity of certain paragraphs within rental contracts. After exposing lawyers to an early prototype, we realised that we needed to give detailed explanations about how the neural net derives its decision. As a consequence, we decided to split up the problem into different modules which helped much in creating a better transparency. A key module employs a recurrent neural net (RNN) in the form of a bidirectional LSTM. Now that the software is in production we wanted to share our learnings and also discuss the quality of the predictions.

The Deep Learning World was held together in Munich with the Predictive Analytics World conference, attracting hundreds of data scientists from all over Europe. If you could not attend our session, however, are interested in a live demo of our machine learning application, please feel free to contact us.