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Tech Lunch

Our free Tech Lunch offer is primarily aimed at software developers and fellow data scientists. In 45-60min one of our ML experts will present the selected topic - for instance during lunch break at your site or via video conference. Below you will find some suggestions for topics, we are also happy to cater for more individual wishes.

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Machine Learning

A good starter for beginners.

Available dishes in Machine Learning

Capabilities and Boundaries of Machine Learning

Although the actual applications of AI are rapidly growing, many companies struggle with the integration of machine learning algorithms in their workflow. The aim of this talk is to help you comprehend your needs, gauge your expectations and assess the feasibility of an AI project.

AI in Workflow Automation

Based on our experience and expertise we show you case studies where machine learning algorithms undertake actual tasks within existing workflows. We show you the boundary between fully automated and semi automated processes and speak about the importance of the man-machine interface.

Applied AI

We explain the difference and interplay between machine learning research, machine learning engineering and data science. We speak about the organization of a machine learning project and how each of these fields contributes to it.

NLP and Information Extraction

The offer of choice for data-hungry people. Prepared from the best ingredients of speech processing and information extraction.

Available dishes in NLP and Information Extraction

Information Extraction from Semi-Structured Documents

We speak about challenges and illustrate strategies used for the identification and extraction of specified fields of interest within a document. Such fields may be related to customer information, purchased items or general document identifiers.

From Documents to Training Data

There is a growing demand for automatically processing all sorts of documents. We present different labelling tools and discuss strategies on how to turn your documents into training data.

Extracting Text from Document Scans

We present different open source and commercial OCR software enabling the extraction of text from document images and show you how to choose the best optical character recognition (OCR) tool for your project.

Information Extraction from Legal Documents

Based on a case study we present not only the application of AI for information extraction, but also how it can be embedded in the legal decision making process.

The Deep Neural Networks behind modern Natural Language Processing

We guide you through deep neural networks used in modern natural language processing– from RNN to BERT– and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Computer Vision

A classic for dessert. With ingredients from the most data-rich provinces of the Data Science landscape.

Available dishes in Computer Vision

Computer Vision in Quality Control

We discuss the application of machine learning for defect detection and present state of the art methods for data augmentation.

Computer Vision for Technical Drawings

We speak about challenges and illustrate strategies used for the analysis and classification of technical drawings using Computer Vision and optical character recognition.

AI in Remote Sensing

This talk is a walk through case studies in remote sensing. We present some of our machine learning applications developed for the German Meteorological Service, the European Space Agency and the industry while sharing hands on experiences.

The Deep Neural Networks behind modern Computer Vision

A walkthrough of the field of neural networks used in modern Computer Vision - from CNNs to concrete architectures such as the U-Net and concepts such as pre-training. Furthermore, we discuss their advantages and disadvantages.