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Tailor-made AI software for process automation

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Cutting-edge AI software

We develop tailor-made machine learning software that fits the individual needs of our clients and can be smoothly integrated into existing IT infrastructure, while outperforming out-of-the-box solutions.

MLOps expertise

We have provenly escaped the PoC-to-application gap and deployed most of our software in production. With many years of experience, we are experts in writing robust and maintainable code.

Research-driven team

Our team has a strong academic background - many members hold a PhD in physics or mathematics. In a rapidly growing field, we believe that strong connections to research are key for solving challenging AI problems.


We develop machine learning software end-to-end, from the identification of concrete challenges to project planning, from implementation to deployment. This includes the following services:

About Us

Developing sophisticated AI software requires going deep into technical and mathematical details rather than relying on the increasing availability of blackbox solutions. With an interdisciplinary team having a strong background in both theory and practice, we have a wealth of experience in the field of software development and IT project management and are proud to contribute to the advancements of scientific and applied machine learning.

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