Computer Vision

Due to advances in the field of machine learning in recent years, any pattern in image data visible to the human eye can also be made visible to a machine. Sometimes machines can even be trained to detect structures not visible to humans.






Criteria to discover attractive process automation projects, where visual information play a crucial role:

  • Currently the process is cost-intensive and/or a faster decision creates substantial value
  • A (trained) human could make a good decision mainly based on visual information
  • There is enough data available (as a rule of thumb: 200 - 2.000 images. This, of course, is highly dependent on the use-case)

In our experience, only by combining knowhow of internal operations with machine vision expertise, projects can be framed well. Feel free to approach us with questions, especially whether we deem your project to be technically feasible.

Use Cases in Computer Vision

Analysis of handwritten documents

Handwritten documents can be read out and prefilled using machine learning algorithms. By further...

Analysis of X-Ray/MRI images

Diagnostic suggestions can be made by analyzing X-ray or MRI images using an algorithm.

Automatic land register update

Authorities need up-to-date information on the use of their land to be able to plan public...

Automatic object detection on airport runways

Runways are controlled by air traffic controllers observing the runways from the tower. As this...

Classification into quality classes

Through standardized images of different leathers, a machine learning algorithm can classify...

Classification of equipment damage

Photos of defective spare parts are analyzed by a machine learning algorithm and the damage is...

Determining the price of a building insurance

The optimum price of a building insurance can be determined by the customer specifying the...

Early classification of crop types

Crop Classification is a highly relevant topic in agriculture for farmers, authorities and...

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