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Deep-learning-based visual inspection of facets and p-sides for efficient quality control of diode lasers

by Christof Zink, Michael Ekterai, Dominik Martin, William Clemens, Angela Maennel, Konrad Mundinger, Lorenz Richter, Paul Crump, Andrea Knigge




Proceedings Volume 12403, High-Power Diode Laser Technology XXI; 124030E


The optical inspection of the surfaces of diode lasers, especially the p-sides and facets, is an essential part of the quality control in the laser fabrication procedure. With reliable, fast, and flexible optical inspection processes, it is possible to identify and eliminate defects, accelerate device selection, reduce production costs, and shorten the cycle time for product development.


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Will developed his mathematical and coding skills during his studies in theoretical physics at Warwick and Cambridge Universities. Before joining dida, he did his PhD in string theory and quantum chromodynamics at the University of Southampton. Currently, Will specializes in computer vision.