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Accelerate your remote sensing efforts with dida’s Remote Sensing Workspace. Get segmentations and predictions, customized to your use case.

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The power of Machine Learing applied to Earth Observation

After completing several challenging remote sensing client projects, our team decided to codify our expertise in sourcing, processing and analyzing satellite image data into the dida Remote Sensing Workspace.

Translate your data into a remote sensing use case

Bring your ideas into production without having to discover and implement a workflow from scratch. Using our internal tool we will help you to quickly build ML-ready datasets to extract the valuable insights locked in your data or any other remote sensing source.

Ready-to-use, yet tailor-made software

Built with modular use in mind, our tools allow for seamless integration of the capabilities you need for your specific applications, pipelines and user interfaces.

Scale beyond

As your project needs grow, our models keep up. After a use case is defined and put into production, minor efforts will be needed to build on top of the working product.

Remote Sensing Data - different use cases, different sources

Our project experience and toolkit includes interacting with a wide range of remote sensing sensors like ESA’s Sentinel Satelite products or ASI’s Prisma Hyperspectral data. If your use case demands it, we can easily integrate novel sources and methods to address your specific business needs.

Manage remote sensing data for ML applications

One of the major challenges in building remote sensing solutions is managing the relationships between geospatial vector data and the rasters that cover them. dida’s GeoGrapher - a backend library - is custom built for this purpose. It makes the pathway from a set of known objects of interest (such as a list of geographic coordinates) to a dataset, ready to be harnessed for training a Computer Vision Machine Learning model, just a short walk in the park.

Live Demos

Mine Detection

We’ve created ASMSpotter, a tool to detect and observe illegal small scale mines which usually cause huge environmental damage.

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Crop Classification

We predict crop types from satellite data to support modern agriculture.

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