Newsletter from February 2023

Topics: dida Conference | NeurIPS | Google Cloud Partner | Intelligent Access Control Project

Dear dida follower,

We have some exciting news: On the occasion of our fifth company anniversary, we are hosting our first machine learning conference in Berlin, to which we would like to cordially invite you. On April 28, 2023, you can expect a mix of machine learning talks and panel discussions as well as exciting workshops - good food will be provided. We would like to celebrate the milestone of our fifth anniversary together with you. The exact program will be published soon, but we would still appreciate your registration already:

Also, looking back on the last months, a lot has happened:

dida was again able to contribute scientific papers and talks to international conferences. In December, Dr. Lorenz Richter and Dr. Mattes Mollenhauer were at the leading ML conference NeurIPS in New Orleans and presented their work on " diffusion based generative models " and " nonparametric statistics ". At Deep Learning World, Angela Maennel represented a talk on "information extraction from customer queries", an NLP project with Felmo. Also exciting was the Google Cloud Leaders Circle in Munich, where selected European companies discussed future ML developments and a sustainable digital transformation.

Adding to the above: we are proud to be a certified Google Cloud Partner by now. Google Cloud products and infrastructure such as Vertex AI or AutoML offer a perfect environment for scalable machine learning deployments and enable proof of concepts to be even more cost-efficient.

An exciting project that is newly presented on our website is about intelligent access control using facial recognition. Our customer, a well-known company from the MDax, asked us to develop a solution that would only grant access to authorized persons based on visual images. There were two challenges in particular: identifying the right person and distinguishing between real people and photographs. Read here for the details of the project.

Lastly, we would like to recommend two recent blog articles. Konrad Mundinger has published a series of articles on recommendation algorithms and Dr. William Clemens gives an introduction to metric learning.

We are already looking forward to a great dida conference with you as well as to further exciting collaborations.

Best regards Philipp Jackmuth & Lorenz Richter