Use cases: Machine Learning Solutions

Mineral exploration and satellite imagery generate large amounts of data, which can help Machine Learning models analyze large areas of land and discover valuable minerals, reducing costs. Automatic maintenance of sites and equipment can improve general safety conditions for workers and the environment, while higher precision will mean less operations in general, reducing environmental concerns.

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Consolidating and analyzing exploration data like geological maps, reports and Remote Sensing data

There is a suitable Machine Learning model for any kind of data, including maps or Remote Sensing data. By using Computer Vision models for their analysis, the preliminary stages of the mining process can be accelerated with a high accuracy.

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Monitoring mining site operations continuously based on satellite or drone imagery

Satellite data is readily available and despite its complexity, Machine Learning models can quickly analyze it. Comparing it to patterns learned from historical data, the model can monitor mining sites and notify experts in case of any unexpected events, minimizing risk.

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Supporting the sustainability and security divisions in monitoring and reporting risks

Ensuring the safety of sites, employees and equipment is critical. Any delay in discovering a safety breech can cause great harm including loss of lives. Continuous surveillance can help with warning human experts about any minor deviation to the norm, while predictive maintenance can predict the optimal time for maintenance operations to further support safety and sustainability.

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