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Optimizing production processes and striving for close to zero defects and customer complaints.

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With Machine Learning, production processes can be optimized by:

reducing the number of undetected defects
classifying defects automatically, creating transparency in real time
simulate production parameters in new production settings at scale to optimize production parameters based on data AND experience

Projects in Manufacturing & Automotive

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Automatic Planning of Solar Systems

Using machine learning, computer vision and object recognition, dida succeeded in developing a software to automatically plan solar based on satellite data.

Defect Detection in Manufacturing

Machine learning in production: We did the development of AI-based optical defect detection software for the semiconductor laser production.

Smart Access Control with Facial Recognition

Machine learning and security systems: Development of a multi-level system with facial recognition and automated access control using AI.

Contamination detection in industrial 3D printing

Development of a computer vision classification algorithm to detect contaminated 3D printing nozzles.

Blog Posts in Manufacturing & Automotive

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Project proposals - the first step to a successful ML project

By Emilius Richter July 18th, 2022

For a software provider, the project proposal is the first step toward meeting the needs of the customer. In this article, I will describe the most important modules in machine learning project proposals.

Computer Vision

Extracting information from technical drawings

By Frank Weilandt (PhD) July 16th, 2021

Read here about deep learning based computer vision techniques for information extraction from .xploded-view technical drawings-

Computer Vision

CLIP: Mining the treasure trove of unlabeled image data

By Fabian Gringel June 21st, 2021

Contrastive language image pretraining (CLIP): Read about the functionality as well as applications of the CLIP model, a zero-shot image classifier.


21 questions we ask our clients: Starting a successful ML project

By Emilius Richter May 21st, 2021

Read about the 21 relevant questions that should be considered & answered upfront to start a successful machine learning software project.


The best image labeling tools for Computer Vision

By Dmitrii Iakushechkin • April 8th, 2021

Read here about the best image annotation tools for computer vision tasks. Everything from the installation to illustration with an example.

Natural Language Processing

How to extract text from PDF files

By Lovis Schmidt • August 17th, 2020

Comparison of the open source Python PDF text extraction tools PyPDF2, pdfminer & PyMuPDF. Read about tools for extracting text from PDF files here.


What is Reinforcement Learning? (Part 2)

By Matthias Werner • August 3rd, 2020

Learn more about multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL), its capabilities, limitations, and how MARL can be viewed as a problem solver.


What is Reinforcement Learning? (Part 1)

By Matthias Werner • April 27th, 2020

Read about a branch of machine learning (ML) called reinforcement learning (RL) in this article. Reinforcement learning explanation & example here.

Use Cases in Manufacturing & Automotive

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