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Use cases: Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning has a lot to offer for the Manufacturing and Automotive industry. It can help out in everyday operations, minimizing risks with predictive analysis or speeding up processes previously requiring manual labor. Parts of the production process can be automated, and by monitoring the production site, regulations can be efficiently complied with and the safety of workers and equipment can be guaranteed.

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Reducing the number of undetected defects

The longer defects go undetected, the more damage they can cause. Computer Vision models can continuously monitor an assembly line, and based on the previously learned characteristics of the produced objects, they can detect any anomalies and defects that might not even be easily visible to the human eye in real-time.

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Classifying defects automatically, creating transparency in real time

Once the defects are found, to further speed up the process of dealing with them and thus minimizing the loss they cause, an automatic classification system can be set up. Computer Vision software can help determine which of the predetermined categories a defect falls into with an excellent accuracy, as well as notify experts of newly identified errors.

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Simulating production parameters in new production settings at scale to optimize production parameters based on data and experience.

Based on collected data, a wide range of scenarios can be tested and a Machine Learning model can predict the optimal parameters. This way, a simulation software can determine what exactly is needed and greatly reduce the time and cost compared to physical testing.

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