dida Question Answering

AI-based Question Answering can be used in various use cases and industries. Below is a demo that is just a small sample of what Question Answering tailored to your use case can do.


Enter your own text or use one of these examples:

1. Paste your passage

Enter a text in {{ language === 'german' ? 'German' : 'English' }} about which you want to ask a question

1. Passage
{{ contextWordCount }} of 256 words
2. Enter a question

Enter a question in {{ language === 'german' ? 'German' : 'English' }} whose answer can be found in the text above

2. Question
3. Answer

{{ answer }}

This demo is based on a publicly available language model. For production use, a model customized and trained for your use case must be used. Question answering can be applied to a larger passage, this is a less extensive demo. If you want to learn more about it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Wolf Winkler

Wolf Winkler

Principal Consultant - AI, Automation and Digital Innovation
+49 157 7533 9256 wolf.winkler[at]dida.do

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