Question Answering

AI-based Question Answering can be used in various use cases and industries. Below is a demo that is just a small sample of what Question Answering tailored to your use case can do.


Enter your own text or use one of these examples:

1. Paste your passage

Enter a text in {{ language === 'german' ? 'German' : 'English' }} about which you want to ask a question

1. Passage
{{ contextWordCount }} of 256 words
2. Enter a question

Enter a question in {{ language === 'german' ? 'German' : 'English' }} whose answer can be found in the text above

2. Question
3. Answer

{{ answer }}

1. This demo is based on a publicly available language model. For production use, a model customized and trained for your use case must be used. Question answering can be applied to a larger passage, this is a less extensive demo. If you want to learn more about it, don't hesitate to contact us.

2. The AI in the demo always searches for the part of the entered text that best answers the question in its "opinion". I.e. the answer can never contain something that is not in the text.

3. The AI in the demo always returns a fragment of the text as an answer, even if the text does not contain a meaningful answer to the question or the question itself is meaningless. In production systems, this would be filtered out.

4. Additional functionalities like the formulation of an answer sentence based on the found text passage or extraction of structured information are possible with additional AI methods.

Emilius Richter

Machine Learning Consultant

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