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Statistical mechanics approach to the electric polarization and dielectric constant of band insulators

by Frédéric Combes, Maximilian Trescher, Frédéric Piéchon, Jean-Noël Fuchs




Phys. Rev. B 94, 155109


We develop a theory for the analytic computation of the free energy of band insulators in the presence of a uniform and constant electric field. The two key ingredients are a perturbation-like expression of the Wannier-Stark energy spectrum of electrons and a modified statistical mechanics approach involving a local chemical potential in order to deal with the unbounded spectrum and impose the physically relevant electronic filling.


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Brief introduction of the dida co-author(s) and relevance for dida's ML developments.

About the Co-Author

After his studies in physics (FU Berlin, UPMC and ENS Paris), Max obtained his PhD in theoretical quantum and solid state physics (FU Berlin). His knowledge in scientific programming has been complemented by experience in software architecture and development through his work in the software industry. At dida he works as a Machine Learning Scientist at the interface of science and software development.