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Quantum oscillations and magnetoresistance in type-II Weyl semimetals: Effect of a field-induced charge density wave

by Maximilian Trescher, Emil J. Bergholtz




Phys. Rev. B 98, 125304


Recent experiments on type-II Weyl semimetals such as WTe2, MoTe2, MoxW1−xTe2, and WP2 reveal remarkable transport properties in the presence of a strong magnetic field, including an extremely large magnetoresistance and an unusual temperature dependence.


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After his studies in physics (FU Berlin, UPMC and ENS Paris), Max obtained his PhD in theoretical quantum and solid state physics (FU Berlin). His knowledge in scientific programming has been complemented by experience in software architecture and development through his work in the software industry. At dida he works as a Machine Learning Scientist at the interface of science and software development.