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Onset of time dependence in ensembles of excitable elements with global repulsive coupling

by Michael A. Zaks, Petar Tomov




Phys. Rev. E 93, 020201(R)


We consider the effect of global repulsive coupling on an ensemble of identical excitable elements. An increase of the coupling strength destabilizes the synchronous equilibrium and replaces it with many attracting oscillatory states, created in the transcritical heteroclinic bifurcation. The period of oscillations is inversely proportional to the distance from the critical parameter value.


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About the Co-Author

After his studies (LMU München) and PhD (HU Berlin) in theoretical physics, Petar worked for several years as an IT consultant with projects at different DAX companies. In the last years he developed his passion for machine learning and specialized in this field. Petar is supporting the machine learning team as a developer and project manager.