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Nonequilibrium atom-surface interaction with lossy multilayer structures

by Marty Oelschläger, Kurt Busch, Francesco Intravaia




Physical Review A, Volume 97, Issue 6, id.062507


The impact of lossy multi-layer structures on nonequilibrium atom-surface interactions is discussed. Specifically, the focus lies on a fully non-Markovian and nonequilibrium description of quantum friction, the fluctuation-induced drag force acting on an atom moving at constant velocity and height above the multi-layer structures.


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About the Co-Author

During his studies in physics (HU Berlin) Marty investigated optimization and inverse problems, utilizing Python and Fortran. In his PhD thesis (Max Born institute) he focussed on fluctuation-induced phenomena, where he investigated the interplay of classical and quantum statistics. During this time he gained experience in code development and design in C and C++ and developed interest in machine learning. After his PhD he focussed on Deep Learning and Image Recognition.