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Extended hydrodynamic description for nonequilibrium atom-surface interactions

by Daniel Reiche, Marty Oelschläger, Kurt Busch, Francesco Intravaia




Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol. 36, issue 4, p. C52


The dissipative properties of spatially nonlocal conductors are investigated in the context of quantum friction acting on an atom moving above a macroscopic body. The focus is on an extended version of the hydrodynamic model for the bulk material's electromagnetic response.


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About the Co-Author

During his studies in physics (HU Berlin) Marty investigated optimization and inverse problems, utilizing Python and Fortran. In his PhD thesis (Max Born institute) he focussed on fluctuation-induced phenomena, where he investigated the interplay of classical and quantum statistics. During this time he gained experience in code development and design in C and C++ and developed interest in machine learning. After his PhD he focussed on Deep Learning and Image Recognition.