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Exceptional algebroids and type IIB superstrings

by Mark Bugden, Ondrej Hulik, Fridrich Valach, Daniel Waldram




Fortschritte der Physik, vol. 70, issue 1, id. 2100104


In this note we study exceptional algebroids, focusing on their relation to type IIB superstring theory. We show that a IIB-exact exceptional algebroid locally has a standard form given by the exceptional tangent bundle. We derive possible twists, given by a flat gl(2,R)-connection, a covariantly closed pair of 3-forms, and a 5-form, and comment on their physical interpretation.


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About the Co-Author

Mark has a background in mathematics and physics, completing his PhD in String Theory and higher-dimensional black holes (Australian National University, Canberra). During postdocs in the Czech Republic (Charles University, Prague) and Germany (Max Planck Institute, Konstanz), he developed an interest in, and experience with, neural networks and machine learning. At dida he works as a Machine Learning Scientist, bridging the gap between theoretical and practical.