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A Holographic Study of the Gauged NJL Model

by William Clemens, Nick Evans




Physics Letters B, Volume 771, p. 1-4.


The Nambu Jona-Lasinio model of chiral symmetry breaking predicts a second order chiral phase transition. If the fermions in addition have non-abelian gauge interactions then the transition is expected to become a crossover as the NJL term enhances the IR chiral symmetry breaking of the gauge theory. We study this behaviour in the holographic Dynamic AdS/QCD description of a non-abelian gauge theory with the NJL interaction included using Witten's multi-trace prescription.


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About the Co-Author

Will developed his mathematical and coding skills during his studies in theoretical physics at Warwick and Cambridge Universities. Before joining dida, he did his PhD in string theory and quantum chromodynamics at the University of Southampton. Currently, Will specializes in computer vision.