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Send us a short description of your use case and some sample data and receive free consultation from our ML Project Lead Jona Welsch tailored to your requirements.

Talking data straight

From engineer to engineer. No unnecessary chatter, straight to the point.

Tailored to your requirements

Your data and workflow description. Our advice on how to structure the project.

Open for your team

Bring your dev team. Let’s discuss and learn from each other.

The consultation is primarily aligned to software developers/architects and fellow data scientists and will provide a detailed analysis from data acquisition to model deployment.


Jona Welsch

During his studies in physics (TU Dresden, Heidelberg University) Jona was able to acquire skills in imaging, numerical methods, and machine learning. He worked on optimisation methods at the German Cancer Research Center and did research on the explainability of Deep Learning models at Heidelberg University. Before his time at dida, Jona worked at a global IT consultancy and led the development of a Deep Learning product for radiology.

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