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Get a consultation from a Machine Learning Expert

Send us a short description of your use case and some sample data and receive free consultation from our ML Project Lead Petar Tomov (PhD) tailored to your requirements.

Talking data straight

From engineer to engineer. No unnecessary chatter, straight to the point.

Tailored to your requirements

Your data and workflow description. Our advice on how to structure the project.

Open for your team

Bring your dev team. Let’s discuss and learn from each other.

The consultation is primarily aligned to software developers/architects and fellow data scientists and will provide a detailed analysis from data acquisition to model deployment.


Petar Tomov, PhD

After his studies (LMU München) and PhD (HU Berlin) in theoretical physics, Petar worked for several years as an IT consultant with projects at different DAX companies. In the last years he developed his passion for machine learning and specialized in this field. Petar is supporting the machine learning team as a developer and project lead.

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