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Increasing efficiency in banking processes

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With Machine Learning, banking operations can be optimized by

improving your compliance operations e.g. by backing your Anti-Money Laundering surveillance with ML algorithms
capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities through accelerated information processing
automate the information extraction of key metrics from annual reports of publicly listed corporations

Projects in Banking

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Legal Review of Rental Contracts

Through dida's expertise in the field of natural language processing (NLP) we succeeded in creating a software for the legal review of rental agreements.

Automatic Checking of Service Charge Statements

With machine learning and NLP: Read about the development of software for the automatic verification of settlements using artificial intelligence.

Semantic Search for Public Administration

Machine learning and information extraction: dida's AI-based algorithm simplifies business registrations through intelligent semantic search.

Blog Posts in Banking

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Project proposals - the first step to a successful ML project

By Emilius Richter July 18th, 2022

For a software provider, the project proposal is the first step toward meeting the needs of the customer. In this article, I will describe the most important modules in machine learning project proposals.


21 questions we ask our clients: Starting a successful ML project

By Emilius Richter May 21st, 2021

Read about the 21 relevant questions that should be considered & answered upfront to start a successful machine learning software project.


Enhancing Search with Question Answering

By Angela Maennel April 26th, 2021

Read here about how open domain question answering systems work & how they can improve your website's search function.

Natural Language Processing

How to extract text from PDF files

By Lovis Schmidt • August 17th, 2020

Comparison of the open source Python PDF text extraction tools PyPDF2, pdfminer & PyMuPDF. Read about tools for extracting text from PDF files here.


The best free labeling tools for text annotation in NLP

By Fabian Gringel March 30th, 2020

Find out about the best free labeling tools for natural language processing (NLP) text annotation, installation & configuration.


Comparison of OCR tools: how to choose the best tool for your project

By Fabian Gringel January 20th, 2020

Read about the comparison of OCR tools for text recognition and find out which the best text recognition software for your project is.

Theory & Algorithms

Temporal convolutional networks for sequence modeling

By Julius Richter • January 6th, 2020

Learn more about temporal convolutional networks, a convolutional approach to sequences: Model explanation, structure & implementations of TCNs here.

Natural Language Processing

Extracting information from documents

By Frank Weilandt (PhD) April 23rd, 2019

Learn how extracting information from documents, also called information extraction, becomes a breeze when using a Python OCR tool.

Use Cases in Banking

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