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Information extraction from invoices

Use Case

Information extraction from invoices

Companies receive dozens of invoices every day. Handling invoices and ensuring payment deadlines are met is a central task at every accounting division.



The basic information of all invoices need to be transferred to the internal accounting system, like supplier name and ID, amount, value added tax and payment deadline.



With OCR, the image is transformed into a Machine-readable format. Algorithms extracts and structures the defined information.



The extracted information is transmitted to the internal accounting system via an API or integrated into a Docker container at the clients server infrastructure.

More Use Cases

Handwritten documents can be read out and prefilled using machine learning algorithms. By further input, these documents can be edited again, which again benefits the accuracy of the algorithm.

Electronic patient records can be evaluated using machine learning algorithms. This automatically provides doctors with suggestions for diagnoses and therapy options.

Diagnostic suggestions can be made by analyzing X-ray or MRI images using an algorithm.

Companies working with thousands of customers and suppliers need to categorize their documents so that requests can be handled in time.

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