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Early classification of crop types

Use Case

Early classification of crop types

Crop Classification is a highly relevant topic in agriculture for farmers, authorities and companies selling to farmers alike.



Data on the area of grown crops is not available during the grow season. Data is polled from farmers in the beginning of the year and aggregated on a district level.



Computer Vision algorithms can detect crop types based on phenological criteria in an optical sphere at a later stage. However, analyzing radar data and training the algorithm with historical data increases the accuracy of classification significantly.



Based on the information generated with accurate and timely crop classification, harvest forecasts can be improved significantly, fertilization recommendations can be provided to farmers and on-the-spot controls of EU subsidies can be disposed.

More Use Cases

Handwritten documents can be read out and prefilled using machine learning algorithms. By further input, these documents can be edited again, which again benefits the accuracy of the algorithm.

Electronic patient records can be evaluated using machine learning algorithms. This automatically provides doctors with suggestions for diagnoses and therapy options.

Diagnostic suggestions can be made by analyzing X-ray or MRI images using an algorithm.

Companies working with thousands of customers and suppliers need to categorize their documents so that requests can be handled in time.

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