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Automatic object detection on airport runways

Use Case

Automatic object detection on airport runways

Runways are controlled by air traffic controllers observing the runways from the tower. As this task requires constant attention and the detection of security sensitive objects on the runway or in the air, Computer Vision can support air traffic controllers.



Air traffic controllers are constantly observing the runway from the tower and give instructions to pilots and airport operators according to the current status on the runway, the weather conditions and exceptions to the rule such as swarm of birds.



Object detection algorithms can support air traffic controllers by detecting different classes of objects in videos and alert air traffic controllers if exception from the rules apply. These exceptions can be learned over time and Computer Vision can support in the evaluation of the scene.



The algorithm can be trained to evaluate scenes automatically or to ask for human review in cases of uncertainty. This can reduce the stress level of air traffic controllers and increase the accuracy of evaluation significantly.

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