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Machine Learning Software for the Mining Industry

Satellite image from mining landscape.

Remote Mineral Exploration

Reduce the cost of mineral exploration with satellite imagery and machine learning. We quantify soil properties with hyperspectral data and help you find promising targets. Remote sensing helps anticipate risks and monitor contamination and topography.

Mining truck.

Operational Efficiency

Fuel costs make up a significant part of a mine's operating costs. Using machine learning methods, we can work with your teams on site to analyze which factors have the greatest influence on the consumption of your trucks and loaders. This enables more efficient use of the vehicles, which translates directly into cheaper fuel costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Mining worker wearing a helmet for safety.

Safety Monitoring

With advanced computer vision methods, we can increase safety in your operation. Monitor cracks and rock movement in slopes and crests, detect missing teeth in shovels or monitor the fatigue level of your operators.


Why dida?

We are a software company specialized in Algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) and most of our 30+ employees have a scientific background in Mathematics and Physics. We follow the developments in ML research and have multiple years of experience bringing this knowledge to customers and into production.

Why a customized solution?

No Machine Learning task is alike. The data that is available and the requirements always differ and might not be captured by off-the-shelf software. From us, you get an individual solution. You own the code, the data and we integrate it into your current software environment.

What do we offer?

We offer initial proof of concepts and the complete development of production software. Due to the experience and background of our team, we can as well offer larger research projects.

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