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Machine Learning Software for Mechanical and Production Engineering

Tools that are used for maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

Machine Learning software can be applied to monitor conditions of equipment and to optimize maintenance. Cloud-based predictive algorithms can accurately estimate if a machine needs some intervention and alert operators immediately of unusual behavior. This can reduce operational costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure, while avoiding too conservative maintenance schedules.

Space for product quality control.

Product quality control

Machine Learning is a powerful tool to analyze visual and sensor data, while being faster and more consistent than humans. It can therefore be used to ensure quality control during manufacturing. This makes it possible to detect product defects at an early stage, improving quality and reducing material waste.

Engineering design.

Generative design

Machine Learning frameworks can create and compare different designs and help to find the best combination of materials. All according to engineering constraints, material weight, size, etc. In this way, it is possible to find the best product before going into production.


Why dida?

We are a software company specialized in Algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) and most of our 30+ employees have a scientific background in Mathematics and Physics. We follow the developments in ML research and have multiple years of experience bringing this knowledge to customers and into production.

Why a customized solution?

No Machine Learning task is alike. The data that is available and the requirements always differ and might not be captured by off-the-shelf software. From us, you get an individual solution. You own the code, the data and we integrate it into your current software environment.

What do we offer?

We offer initial proof of concepts and the complete development of production software. Due to the experience and background of our team we can as well offer larger research projects.

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