Case Studies

A selection of projects we have done.
Computer Vision

Automatic planning of solar systems

Our client is a company from the solar sector, which offers the planning, consultation and installation of solar systems for private households. The aim of this project is to automate the planning process of solar systems. Specifically, this involves preparing an individual offer for customers so that they can estimate the costs and benefits of the investment and get an aesthetic impression of the final result.
Computer Vision

Automatic spotting of artisanal and small scale mines

Artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) is responsible for 10% of global gold production, with an estimated market value of US $14bn, affecting the lives of 10 to 20 million miners (and an additional 80 million miners for other raw materials) and their families. ASM sites are located in more than 80 developing countries and associated with lower environmental and work safety standards. In order to enforce concession rights, labour legislation or to research migration patterns, it is imperative...
Computer Vision

Convective clouds detection

Our client here is Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). Part of their responsibility is to prepare weather reports for pilots in a system called METAR. We had been tasked with creating a model to assist the detection of convective clouds using satellite imagery to support other forms of detection.
Natural Language Processing

Legal review of rental contracts

Our client is an online tenant protection club that offers its clients the legal review of their tenancy agreements by experienced partner lawyers. The aim of the project is to develop an intelligent software tool that supports lawyers in analysing contracts. In concrete terms, this involves the automatic evaluation of so-called "cosmetic repair clauses", which are intended to oblige the tenant to carry out regular renovations. They are often incorrectly formulated and therefore ineffective....

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