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Machine Learning Software for Aviation

Cockpit containing software like machine learning algorithms.

Aircraft Operation

Flight crews should be able to concentrate on what matters most: the safety of the flight. ML software can assist your crew in routine tasks like flight profile optimization. ML-powered computer vision systems are also ideal for supporting the crew in detecting other traffic. This is especially important in VFR or in airspaces where IFR and VFR traffic is mixed.

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Technology can help reduce the carbon emissions of the aviation sector. ML software can optimize aircraft trajectories to find the most efficient routes and vertical profiles. Other areas that show great potential for fuel savings are ground handling and aircraft taxiing. Both can be optimized through smart planning software and ML.

Factors for risk management in aviation industry.

Safety Risk Management

ML is ideal for analyzing very large amounts of data. Data sources like flight data, safety reports and weather can be complex and difficult to work with. But with careful processing, they can be extremely valuable to identify emerging risks. With ML, you can identify hidden correlations in historical data and classify the risk of occurrences.


Why dida?

We are a software company specialized in Algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) and most of our 30+ employees have a scientific background in Mathematics and Physics. We follow the developments in ML research and have multiple years of experience bringing this knowledge to customers and into production.

Why a customized solution?

No Machine Learning task is alike. The data that is available and the requirements always differ and might not be captured by off-the-shelf software. From us, you get an individual solution. You own the code, the data and we integrate it into your current software environment.

What do we offer?

We offer initial proof of concepts and the complete development of production software. Due to the experience and background of our team, we can as well offer larger research projects.

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